Ezekiel 21: When Countries Won’t Listen to God

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The 21st chapter of Ezekiel deals with the nation of Israel, which was not listening to and obeying God’s commands. It’s easy to read the Bible with the mindset that ancient Israel was another time, with people that have different problems than we do. Unfortunately, the United States has a lot in common with ancient Israel (as does most of the world today). The Israelites were not listening to God. While it may seem cool not to do what God wants at times, Ezekiel has a warning for all of those who refuse to listen: God judges nations that don’t listen to his warnings. Additionally, sometimes good people are hurt when judgements come. By studying Ezekiel, we can discover what might happen to us if we refuse to listen.

When People Refuse to Listen

God usually gives warnings before he sends judgement. Unfortunately, there comes a time when God’s patience runs out. By Ezekiel 21, God has had enough with warning the people. “Behold, I am against you” the Lord says to Israel (Ezekiel 21:1). The time for warnings was over. The people were fond of sin. Psalm 66:18 warns us not to love sin, because “if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear.” Proverbs 28:9 tells us that when we turn away from hearing God’s commandments, even our “prayer is an abomination.” When Israel stopped listening to God and started chasing after sin, God stopped listening to them. Their prayers were abominable. There are still many people in the world today who claim to know the Lord, yet cling to their favorite sins and refuse to hear.

Even God’s People Can Get Hurt

There were still some people who followed the Lord, just like there are people who follow the Lord today. Unfortunately, God’s people can sometimes get hurt from the actions of the people around them. “I will cut off both righteous and wicked from you,” the Lord proclaimed in Ezekiel 21:3. Our sins don’t just hurt us. They hurt our families, our friends, and even our nation. Ask the innocent children of alcoholic or drug addicted parents; ask the victims of a drunk driver; sin hurts even the good people. In verses 6 and 7, Ezekiel was told to publicly mourn and sigh for the people who would not listen. Although he told them that judgement was coming, they continued to go about their daily business until the judgement came.

Chances to Repent Become Dim

The closer one gets to judgement, the fewer chances a nation has to repent. Even in this dark hour of Ezekiel’s day, could there have been repentance? Perhaps. The king of Babylon was marching with his armies to put down rebellion. This pagan king was trying to decide whether to march his army towards Israel or the rebellious Ammon in verse 21. He used various pagan means to decide: shaking arrows was something like our drawing straws today. He also consulted images to see if a spirit would direct him, and had his priests look at an animal’s liver to see where it would lead him. Although these practices seem a little strange today, we don’t always look to God for our direction. Some of us consult our horoscopes or ask others for advice rather than consulting God. As the pagan king had to make a choice of which land to attack, the chances of a happy ending were nearing an end, but Israel would not repent.

Respect for the Nation Was Over

Because the nation wouldn’t listen to God, the nation lost respect. God didn’t even refer to Israel’s king as king anymore; in verse 25, he calls Zedekiah a “wicked prince”. In verses 30-32, we see God’s promise to judge the nation and send them to the destroyer. Sin, and the failure to listen to God, would destroy their generation.

“Overturn, overturn, overturn” Ezekiel exclaims in verse 27. The three times he uses the phrase refers to the last three kings whose reigns were overthrown. After Zedekiah, there would be no more kings of Israel. The next king will be Jesus, who will return in the future.

We can learn a lot from ancient Israel. Many, even among those that claim to be Christians, will not turn to God today. The world is in chaos. America is losing respect with the world, and God’s protection seems to be melting away. We can’t count on Jesus to return before we start really hurting. We need to pray for the nation and the world. We need to listen to God and repent.

Where The Buffalo Roam

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Is the United States of America mentioned in scripture? If so where do we find this mention? If these two questions pose a curiosity to you, I recommend the following video. Do I personally believe every word of this testimonial video? To that question, I have no response, but I can say that this is a very interesting take on both the United States and on certain clippings of scripture, scripture most likely already familiar to you but applied by a teacher or preacher perhaps in a different way than presented in this video.

Yes, sadly, or perhaps rightly, this is the cluttered competitive world of scriptural equivocation controlled by that subtle shading that we must endure for some unfathomable reason (for we are taught that God is not the author of confusion) that seems harsh to this innate sense of yearning for absolute truth by men. In the struggle, in our search for relics, signs and perfect language, this “cluttered competitive world” appears to be the best we can hope for at this point in time. Perhaps this is intended to keep men humble, so that no man can brag of his scholarship and wisdom. Not sure how well that has worked out.

But in this light, while comprehending the penalties of rebellion against the WORD as described in The Gospel of John, I choose to embrace the uncertainty, rejoice at the possibilities, and simply drop the pretense of knowing while remaining true to those most important aspects of my conscience-appointed relationship to the One God, my father, His Son the Nazarene, born of Mariam, crucified, dead, and buried, rose again on the third day, and the Holy Spirit of Whom I am endowed with that peculiar energy which allows me to speak to, speak of, and seek instructions from God. Or maybe not.

If you do begin to watch the video, I promise you shall hear something very specific about the significance of not only where the buffalo roam, but you will also learn about why the buffalo is perhaps more significant to the iconology of the American continent than even the bald eagle…

And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns, like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon.

NOTE: Video was removed by poster, and apparently no longer available.

Let’s Get It All Out Into The Principalities Of The Air

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Outreach To Whom? Unto Thee We Plead…

I did not write the following. It is a found piece I thought needed a place from which to launch new inquiry. Today I am not inquiring, merely re-posting it. It is unsigned, but with a solid point of view. Soon, I hope to return to this letter with a few questions and statements of my own. First of all, there is nothing I can dispute in this first paragraph concerning Mister Hogue. He is indeed a rogue scholar, just as he admits that he is from his own website. I am not certain that this unknown critic is correct in his age-worn fear of a Roman Anti-christ, as I suspect Islam is the Beast, the Antichrist, and Mohammed is its Prophet. But I’ll let that thought marinate in its own juices a bit more as I rest before gathering my battle papers for that rather difficult fight. Many have tried to name the tribulation antichrist, but it seems to me that the many have failed, but in their failure they may have set the stage for preparing us to recognize the truth after all.

John Hogue is a strange bird. He’s a self-proclaimed prophecy expert, concerning Michel de Nostradam, that is. He is seen as the world’s foremost authority on old Nosty’s predictions. Devoting his life to “prophecy”, he has failed to study a considerably truer prophecy—God’s written word as handed down by the Jews.

I will now quote from his site: “Author of 9 books, 1,000,000 in print in 17 languages, Rogue scholar, world authority on Nostradamus and the prophetic traditions of the world.”  For some reason, resident idiot John Hogue, seems to place his “faith” in prophetic words, from just ONE source—Nostradamus. Mr. Hogue almost…seems to worship Nostradamus, in a sense.  Many of the Nostradamus prophecies did sound quite intriguing, but what Mr. Hogue doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to ADMIT to, is that pretty much 95% or more of Nostradamus’ prophecies… were taken, from the bible.  Now, just as Hogue says that if Nostradamus had not “foresaw” anything, Nostradamus would still be revered as a great healer. I actually agree. Nostradamus DID live during the time of the Inquisition, as well as the black plague. He did seem to heal many people, but not supernaturally.  Using common herbs and the like, instead.  Many religious zealots back in Nost’s time, didn’t take kindly to “outside” medicine men, let alone healing techniques from other sects and religions that were seen as ghastly, lesser or “evil” perhaps. So I do agree with Hogue ONLY on that point.

John Hogue dislikes the bible, I am sure he believes it is a fairy tale. Yet every prophecy in the bible, HAS come true, and will continue to.  Most of Nostradamus’ prophecies, have failed. Even the Mayan mayhem, the strange tales about how the pyramids have time lines inside them, important dates, blah blah—all of it, is misinformation. The May 5, 2000 planetary alignment John Hogue awaited, via a Nostradamus prophecy—was a no-show. Didn’t even happen.  Hogue believed that the antichrist, who goes by the last name MABUS, would arise. Well, that did not happen.
If you take a look at Hogue’s rather cheesy web site, it simply is selling his books. Constantly. No real information, nothing FREE, that is.  Yet the bible is free, and is filled with prophecies from REAL prophets of old. While Nostradamus DID dazzle us a few times with a few spooky prophecies, one must be informed that old Nosty used a special black mirror in which he claimed he saw his visions.  Anyone familiar with black mirrors?  More of a pagan, cultic practice, really. I do not think God sent visions to a man that used a black mirror to see the ‘future’ with. Even satanists today, use black mirrors.  Besides, God had stated in the bible, that only He knows the future—no man does. The prophecies in the holy bible were given to man, by God alone.

Nostradamus is more of…a freak show, closer to a fraud, than a prophet. The bible did warn of false prophets, as well. So in my mind, John Hogue, is an idiot who worships the false prophet, Nostradamus. Hogue has bashed religion consistently, on television shows, in his books and many times when he is interviewed on nightly radio shows. John Hogue dislikes the bible, I am sure he believes it is a fairy tale. Yet every prophecy in the bible, HAS come true, and will continue to.  Most of Nostradamus’ prophecies, have failed. Even the Mayan mayhem, the strange tales about how the pyramids have time lines inside them, important dates, blah blah—all of it, is misinformation. The May 5, 2000 planetary alignment John Hogue awaited, via a Nostradamus prophecy—was a no-show. Didn’t even happen.  Hogue believed that the antichrist, who goes by the last name MABUS, would arise. Well, that did not happen.  I do not understand why Hogue believes in an antichrist, but NOT the bible? I see…he is following one man’s work. What ever Nostradamus says, is 100% true, to John Hogue. If Nostradamus said, the world would end in 2010 via a great comet shaped like tractor tire… John Hogue would believe it, write about it, sell his books—then the day would come for the event, and it wouldn’t happen.

Yet he doesn’t own up to the prophecies that HAVEN’T happened. I suspect he isn’t smart enough to admit when he’s wrong.  Even within there are prophecies from the bible, with scripture and versus (sic) to back it up, with correct analysis and interpretation. John Hogue is busy selling books and BS, quite frankly, to anyone who’s dumb enough to listen.  John Hogue is indeed selling the false Nostradamus prophecies… so in turn, does this mean, John Hogue is a false prophet in a sense?  Nosty isn’t alive to sell his own prophecies to the world, so Hogue does it for him.  Think about it.  What IS worse?  A fool, or a fool who follows another fool. John Hogue is a very slick fool, and I do not personally enjoy him slamming “religion” or the word of God. John only has read parts of Revelation, as far as I can tell, because Nostradamus’ beefier prophecies, almost mirror those in the book of Revelation.  John Hogue isn’t following the prophecies of Michel d’ Nostradam.  He is following the prophetic work, of John the Revelator, from the bible, and Hogue doesn’t even know it—or he doesn’t own up to it.  What’s more, Hogue is now misinterpreting Nosty’s whacky prophecies, and now claiming that president Bush is the MABUS—the antichrist.

John Hogue thinks he can deconstruct the word of God, and rewrite religion? That would imply, Hogue being a God himself—it is even the description given by Christ of a false prophet. Complete idiocy and blasphemy. I don’t think like Hogue does. I am not dumb enough to place faith in a failed “seer” of the past. Hogue sees Nostradamus almost as a Messiah, doesn’t he?
Wrong, sir… wrong. The book of Revelation clearly points out, that the antichrist will be from Europe.  Probably a Roman Catholic, and while some say an Arab—I doubt it. With all the terrorism BS going on in the world today, I seriously doubt anyone would listen to the words of anyone Arabic. If only Hogue would wise up, and delve into the prophecies of the bible instead… he’d actually do quite well.  Yet he has devoted his time and energy, into one man, with failed prophecies.  For an example, quickly—Revelation speaks of the King of the East, no doubt a Chinese/Japanese military force, crossing the Euphrates river to go with Russia to invade Israel very soon. The Euphrates river has always been a safe zone, it divided harsh conquerors because the river is impassible.  Or is it?  3 years ago, the Ataturk dam was built across the Euphrates river.  With the touch of a button, the river can be dried, and armies very well could cross it.  Is this coincidence?  No, it is biblical prophecy, come to life.  While the armies, the King of the East, have yet to cross—the path has been cleared via a new dam.

I do not see such prophecies coming from Nostradamus. Hogue does believe, as far as I can tell, in Armageddon. The name alone, strikes fear into peoples hearts. Yet Hogue doesn’t know, or refuses to accept, the fact that Jesus Christ and the sealed 144,000 saints, will prevent man from destroying this world during World War 3. Again, I do not see Nostradamus making any accurate prophecies here, and those that sound “close” look purely stripped from the book of Revelation. I find John Hogue to be a hippy type, and anti-republican moron, who is basing his life’s faith in a dead man, not the everliving, everlasting God who created everything down to the last atom. Now, let me give a synopsis of a book Hogue has written, which is very blasphemous and even arrogant:


As the third millennium begins, thousands of Christians wait expectantly for the Second Coming of their messiah; but Christians are not alone. All world religions teach about the advent of a messianic figure, a savior of humankind, who will be preceded by a time of disaster and tribulation. According to many, that time is now. But, as John Hogue claims, we are in danger of misinterpreting the signs.

Prophets, popes, saints, and sinners continue to inspire and intrigue this internationally acclaimed author. In Messiahs, Hogue goes further than ever before to deconstruct established religious beliefs. Messiahs examines and questions the many messages and messengers from every tradition in an extraordinarily fresh and insightful way. Hogue aims to turn your perception of messiahs upside down using a thought-provoking interface of text, prophecies, and cutting-edge illustrations. Messiahs is specifically designed as an evocative fusion of words and images to celebrate the apocalypse. But, as John Hogue asks: “Are we being programmed to miss the messiah again?

In this controversial no-holds-barred exploration of Messianic myths John Hogue examines no less than:

  • The Second Coming Syndrome
  • The Messiahs Gallery
  • Signs of the End Times
  • Counterfeit Christs
  • Propheganda–Programming humanity to believe in the End Times
  • Armageddonomics–Programming humanity to make the End Times happen
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being Ordinary
  • The Great Paradox
  • The Apocalypse of the Awakened Ones
  • Seers’ Encyclopedia
Characteristically weaving witticisms with frank discussion, Hogue provocatively sets out to rouse us from the religious dreamscape of our spiritual slumber. I see. Hogue pokes fun at Christians, claiming they are wrong and being set up for another non-return of Jesus Christ, so he thinks. Yet Hogue MAGICALLY knows all the answers!  Based all on Nostradamus, wow. I am impressed. John Hogue perverts the words of God, and uses them, twists them, and applies them to his own will to use as ammo against believers.  Bad news for Mr. Hogue, for he will bow one day before Christ, like it or not. Only a paganistic, satanic, Godless moron, filled with self righteousness and hatred for Christians, would write such books. John Hogue is probably a liberal or a homosexual quite frankly, and his religion-bashing isn’t welcomed, researched nor wanted.  I do not think Jesus Christ, is a Messianic Myth. There is proof of Christ’s existence, and proof Christ did indeed resurrect.  I like how the above synopsis said, arrogantly, “Hogue goes further than ever before to deconstruct established religious beliefs.”  So, Hogue thinks the bible is wrong, yet Nostradamus copycatted the bible, bascially.

John Hogue thinks he can deconstruct the word of God, and rewrite religion?  That would imply, Hogue being a God himself—it is even the description given by Christ of a false prophet.  Complete idiocy and blasphemy. I don’t think like Hogue does. I am not dumb enough to place faith in a failed “seer” of the past.  Hogue sees Nostradamus almost as a Messiah, doesn’t he?  All in all, if you are reading this Mr. Hogue and I am sure you are—you, are a total fraud, idiot and blasphemer.  You make money off of basically ignorant people, who want fortune telling to see the future—when the Majestic God himself warned about people like you, and only Almighty God knows the future.  He, is the Alpha and the Omega—the First and the Last.  Nostradamus is a failed psychic to me, and John Hogue is a fruity moron who clings to anything without God. Hell is a mighty hot place, Mr. Hogue.  Bring along SPF 6 billion sunblock. I would love nothing more, than to have a friendly debate with you, Mr. Hogue. The books of Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Job—versus your beloved false prophet, Nostradamus.