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MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priests for Me; because you have forgotten the Torah of your God, I also will forget your children.” (Hosea 4:6)

THE CONCEPT OF AN “Old” and a “New Testament” was derived from Marcion, an anti-Semitic Christian who shaped the new religion his Apostle Paul had conceived. According to Yahweh, there is a “Covenant” which He “renewed.” Moreover, the term “covenant,” is from beriyth, which means “family relationship.” I say that because beriythis based upon bayith, meaning “home and family,” further defining the kind of relationship Yahweh is interested in establishing.

The simple truth is: God did not replace Judaism with Christianity, Jews with Gentiles, nor Israel with the Church. He simply restored the relationship He originally established with Abraham and developed through Moseh.

I say restored because the word Yahuweh used was not “New” but is Chadash or restored.

For many, the Renewed Covenant begins with these words: “Behold, the day is coming declares Yahuweh that I will make a Renewed (chadash – repaired and restored) Covenant with the household (bayith – home or family) of Yisra’el and with the family (bayith – household and home) of Yahuwdah” (Jeremiah 31:31)

Now lets see who Yahushu’ah took the strokes for.

“For indeed, He was cut off and separated away from the land of the living because of the revolt of My family to whom the stroke was due.” (Yasha’yah/Isaiah 53:8)

Let’s look at what Yahuweh says about joining the family and you will notice it says nothing of joining a religion.

“Children from foreign nations who form a relationship with Yahuweh, serving Him and loving Yahuweh’s personal and proper name, who carefully observe and revere the Sabbath and do not treat it with contempt , those who are passionate about and are empowered by My Familial Covenant Relationship , these I will bring to My set-apart mountain, rejoicing in My home and tabernacle of prayer. Their offerings will rise up and be accepted, because My household shall be called a house of intercession for all people” (Yashayahu / Isaiah 56:6-7)

You will notice these people who Yahuweh calls family are empowered by his Family Covenant and not by any religion.

Don’t let me say: ‘Who is Yahuweh(YaHuWeH)?’ lest I be disinherited (yarash ), caught in the act, arrested, and incarcerated for removing without permission and carrying away by stealth the personal and proper name of my God (‘elohiym).” (Proverbs 30:9)

“Those who rule over them are deluded, says Yahuweh, and every day without ceasing they despise, spurn, and reject My name. So therefore, My family shall know My name .” (Yasha’yahu/Isaiah 52:6)

God just said: if you don’t know His name you aren’t part of His family. That being the case, consider the damage that has been done by the clerics who have removed His name from His Scriptures. It may well have been the single most spiritually lethal act of all time.

Permit me neither poverty nor wealth. Break bread for me as clearly communicated and prescribed lest I be self-sufficient and be deemed insufficient by You.” (Proverbs 30:8)

Yah just said that should you be reliant on your good heart, religion, or rituals and how well YOU perform them you are self reliant and dead.

“And any soul who by association performs any of the business of the heavenly messenger on this life-sustaining and empowering day, that soul I will annihilate from the midst of the family” (Leviticus 23:30)

Yahuweh just said that anyone who doesn’t show up for Kippurym one of his 7 called out assemblies will be cut off from the midst of the “family” . If you are to understand the scripture you must understand it is about joining His Family because Yahuweh never established any religion and only a Family Covenant which he restored. He didn’t create another one.

‎”The trustworthy and reliable Towrah will exist in His mouth. Wickedness will not be found on His lips. In healing reconciliation and in uprightness He walks with Me. And many He reconciles, returns, and restores from sin.” (Mal’aky / Malachi 2:6)

Yahshua is the living embodiment of the Torah. The Messiyah’s message and the Torah are one. And it is by way of the Torah, that Yahshua is our Savior. For the reason the Torah through Moses was given, acceptance and truth through the Messiyah Yahushua came to exist.” (Yahuchanan/John 1:17)

Notice the verses from above clearly ties the Covenant writing to the renewed Covenant witness. It is all one and has zero to do with paid clerics, their scribes, and their man made religions.

“Without money or cost.” He says: “Listen carefully to Me. Incline your ear and come to Me. Listen so that you may live, and so that I will be able to establish an everlasting Covenant Relationship with you.”. (Yashayahu / Isaiah 55:3)

by Larry Kendricks

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