What Did You Mean By That, Sir?

Friday, June 15th, 2012 by ytrsdafsdhfjyftdrs
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Christian, Jew, Muslim or Athiest? Can you tell by looking?

MODERATE ISLAM IS THE SLICKEST DECEIT and most pernicious invader, like a cancer—it is being chauffeured around in state department limousines.

Here is my common sense truism: Unless the first amendment is taken away from Islam, as a totalitarian political death cult, Islam is guaranteed to turn America into a living hell. Even though Muslims consist of a mere 12% of the US population, Americans today remain completely hog tied and helpless against Islam because it has wrongly given it first amendment status and therefore is enabling and the cancer to metastasize. Its numbers will increase as those of the kafir decrease.

Antonio La Barbera: As much as I think we need to go nuclear on islam (religion and not people) we are already having enough First Amendment problems without allowing the government to pick and choose who is protected and who is not. This needs to be a grass roots movement as the government has already been taken over by the islamic pod people!

Gabriel Thy: Sedition is still sedition, and still applicable, if the moment is seized to take them down when they utter such treasonous statements. But the government would rather chase game hunters and home protectors and self-righteous Christians and philandering Mormons…

Antonio La Barbera: Gabe, is there a reason you isolated Christians for insult in your list? Many Christians are messed up in their theology and thinking, but it does not make the truth of Christianity any less. True Christians do not make themselves righteous, but are redeemed by the Blood of our Savior. If they act self-righteous, then they are not representing the truth of the Faith. Save your venom for the true enemy…

Gabriel Thy: If you will notice, Antonio, I also use philandering Mormons in that pitch, and as you well know, not all Mormons are philandering, or bigamists today. No, what I was emphasizing was “self-righteous” as a distinct subset of Christians. I had originally written the adjective-noun phrase, “loud Christians” but I wasn’t sure many would understand my nuanced description, so I changed it to a more common phrasing. But I can understand that the change only played into the common Christian-hater, religion-baiter phraseology, and should have pondered longer for a better word to paint my meaning. True Christians expect persecution, but do not seek it. Loud Christians tend to desire social domination in this country, while they’re tactics are not as heavy-handed in any way when compared to Islamic practices on view today, it is easy for outsiders to demonize Christianity for those “self-righteous” tactics of domination in a nation founded without the austerities of institutional religion as its guiding light. I trust this clarifies my earlier statement for you.

[What Did You Mean By That, Sir?]

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