[ Why Theosplatz? ]

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

A Bloody Rag on Religion in America (and distant shores.)

WHAT IS THEOSPLATZ?  …an informal comment on the staggering multitude of contingencies the theocratic puzzle in the Western tradition poses for someone seeking to solve his own existential crisis of conscience in a hostile environment where modern science and ancient scripture struggle for superficial supremacy, where dubiously-crafted WORDS usually speak louder than ACTIONS, and LOVE of the LIE is presumed cozier than LOVE of the TRUTH. It can be argued that our present global crisis was triggered and is now fueled by the clash of compelling inheritances materialistic sciences have seeded on the one hand, while the alluring promises of a mysteriously eloquent yet strangely-transcripted, now silent creator-benefactor said to have abandoned the world to competing metaphors, their distortions and other irrepressible irrelevancies, may have brought this generation to the brink of a great and terrible distinction, on the other.

The Paradox, the Proofs, and the Promises…

ISN’T THE CONCEPT OF GOD DECLASSE?  …opinions and exegesis plotted here hardly aim to exhaust the topic, proselytize the cynic, or raise the bar for a phlethora of believers, but rather should be perceived as a brief exposure to the integral elements in which the prime critical statement of the Scenewash Project depends. This attempt to interpret certain enigmatic quarrels and subterfuges which have stymied us in our notions of “solving the God puzzle” as characterized in David Foster Wallace‘s remarkable novel, Infinite Jest, published in 1994, can be only be interpreted as a futile but concerted attempt to piece together the shards of our own glass darkly to satisfy a primordial need to sculpt the mneumonic mechanisms by which generations of men have lived and died, and is both the means and the end of our own itinerant journey.

GOD THE BAND  …in the all-fetching spirit of these quasi-theological struggles, we wish to dedicate this section of the Project to the imaginary punk rock band founded in the early 1980s whose name was aptly enough: G.O.D. which, following the naming trends of the era, was a mosh-worthy acronymn depicting the paradoxical function of religion as we’d long postulated it, and to our satisfaction, was sounding the local landscape at least a couple of years before we noted the advent of the first G.O.D. (Guaranteed Overnight Delivery) truck on the highway, and declared it a ripoff of our own clever wordplay. But such is life among the more pedestrian prophets of our generation.